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Frequently Asked Questions

What time zone will the event be in?
The live sessions will be presented in (UTC-08:00) Pacific Time time, To adjust the display to a different time zone, click the CHANGE link on the Schedule page.

How do I join a session?
Sessions will open 15 minutes prior to their listed start time. Access any presentation on the schedule by clicking the  ‘Join Session’ button in the description page of a session.

Can I record sessions for my own use?
No, participant recording of sessions is not permitted.

Do I need to have a Zoom Account to watch or participate?
Yes. You can access all features with a free or paid Zoom Account.

Can I view and participate in the conference from my cellphone?
We recommend against using your cellphone to attend the virtual conference, you will have much better results from a laptop or desktop. 

Can I share my registration details with colleagues?
No, only one person per registration can participate at a time.

How do I get more help if I have questions not listed here?
To get assistance during the conference, please use the live support chat made available on the buttom right of the website.

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